Kentucky’s Premier Carrying Concealed of Deadly Weapons (CCDW) License Course!

Professional, safe environment! We will teach you the skills and knowledge to arm yourself and more. By taking our CCDW class, not only will you gain the know-how to protect yourself, but also the abilities to be able to protect others in a life-threatening situation.

Our CCDW class will teach you:

  • Fundamentals of shooting.
  • Safety in the classroom, at home and on the range.
  • Statutes on carrying concealed deadly weapons.
  • Use & misuse of force and legal liability.
  • Principles of marksmanship (Including a live fire exercise).
  • Pistol and revolver nomenclature & function.
  • Ability to clean and inspect your handgun.
  • Stances (Weaver & Isosceles).
  • Grip, sight picture, aiming, & trigger management.


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If you’ve gone through the Carrying Concealed Deadly Weapons course and received your CCDW training certificate from the Kentucky State Police, you can now apply for your CCDW permit online via the first link below:

CCDW Online – KSP Portal Main Page      ← Submit your CCDW  training certificate here!


Quick Links about the Kentucky CCDW:

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Carrying a CCW in Kentucky on Company property or in your car